In September 2009, at age 49, I received a permanent colostomy after being diagnosed with colorectal cancer. I was sent home from the hospital with a one and two piece system recommended by my colostomy nurse.

It didn’t take long to realize that emptying my pouch was quite barbaric. I contacted every manufacturer I could find so they could send me samples of their products. My anticipated excitement on receiving these samples was quickly diminished. Every sample I received was basically identical in the way they worked. I was now starting to believe I was heading for a life of daily misery.

I decided I needed to attend a local NOAA meeting for advice. The members were very helpful and gave me a sample of the magazine “The Phoenix”. When I saw your ad, excitement started to build in me once more. Your product arrived just as advertised. It was extremely simple to setup, but most importantly, it worked! Without a second thought, I immediately packed up every manufacturers product I tried, and replaced them with yours. I was so excited with your EZ-Clean system that I bought additional ones to give out for others to try. They were just as excited as me!

This system is quick and completely clean with no more squeezing your appliance like a toothpaste container, and then trying to remove any waste without getting it on you. You sit on the commode, open your pouch, insert your water pistol into the valve and squeeze the trigger. Within seconds your appliance is restored to, “just out of the box” condition, completely cleaned and ready to be closed. Believe me when I say, “This system is a no brainer”!

Kenny, thanks for making my life a whole lot better, and be assured I am here to help spread the word on your system!


My wife and I just returned from a two week trip to St. Louis and Fulton, Missouri, for our grand-daughter's wedding. It was our first trip since my ostomy surgery and I was very concerned. 

I am pleased to inform you of the success that I had with the EZ Clean Travel Kit. We stayed in three different motels and in each one, I had no problem connecting the EZ Cleaner to the water faucets. 

It made my mental state and my life so relaxed. I would have been totally lost without the portable EZ Travel Cleaner. 

I now know that I can travel again and enjoy things that my wife and I did prior to my surgery. My deepest thanks for your wonderful invention. 


E-Z Clean ostomy system has changed my life. It is so fast and easy to use, and most important to me, it is so clean. 

Prior to meeting Ken, I was a typical ostomy patient, always dreading when it came time to clean my pouch. It was a dirty job that lasted five minutes or more. It was so unpleasant. Now, with Ken's system, I can clean my pouch in less than a minute. his system gets the job done without having to deal directly with the body waste. All I have to do is connect a tube to my pouch, pull the trigger, and waste is forced through my pouch by water pressure into the toilet. It is a quick and efficient way of disposing my waste. 

I must add one more comment that was very important to me regarding gas. I was always embarrassed because my pouch was filling with gas at the most inconvenient times and I could never let the gas out in a restroom because of the offensive odor. But I notice with Ken's system, I never have much gas in the pouch, and can usually wait until the appropriate moment to expel the gas by taking the cap off the manifold. Thanks Ken for a marvelous product! 


Tam and I want to thank you for spending tiem with us prior to my iliastomy surgery. How fortunate we felt to meet you in the Summit parking lot as you were delivering supplies. We remain forever grateful for the valuable information you shared with us. 

Using the EZ Clean Ostomy Pouch is such a sanitary method of draining and cleaning. What a difference from the pouches used by the hospital! You have certainly improved the lives of 'ostomy individuals' and I want to thank you for that. 

- Sharie

Thanks so much for the replacement. The leak is on the inside of the 90 degree angle. Also, thanks for your wonderful inventions! They have made life much easier for my 96 year old mother who has been doing 'it' the hard way for over 25 years. 

She looks forward to your new soft touch want... As soon as it comes out. 

Thanks so much 

- Ann

In all the research that I have done, trying to find a cleaner and less time consuming pouch system, there is nothing on the market that can compare to the technology of EZ-Clean. 

Here are just a few reasons why it has changed my life:

Hygiene is very important to me and never having to come in contact with waste is not only liberating, it has also erased all the anxiety that I was feeling. 

The manifold located inside the pouch enables one to clean the entire pouch as well as the stoma. I feel 100% clean and that's a real good feeling. 

Time spent in the bathroom is minimal - less than 3 minutes - so greater sense of freedom.

The foam wafer attached to the pouch is extremely comfortable, soft, flat and very flexible. Most of the time I'm not even aware that I'm wearing your wonderful invention. 

With the use of your system, I am saving Medicare huge bucks. The monthly cost of the ConvaTec wafers that I was using is $191.57 and the monthly cost of the pouches that I used is $136.63. The ostomy EZ Clean pouches cost $159. a month. 

Therefore, I am saving Medicare $170 per month or $2,040 a year. 

I plan on getting in touch with the Visiting Nurses Association and informing them of your incredible invention. I will also 'talk it up' at the ostomy support group that I attend. 

Thank you, Ken, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for making yourself so available to folks who have questions and thank you for dedicating the rest of your life to making things easier and so much more pleasant for your fellow Ostomates. I am externally grateful to you and each morning when I awake, I give thanks to the Universe that you are on the beautiful Planet. 



After being diagnosed at age 11 with Crohn's Disease, and suffering greatly for two years, our precious daughter underwent an ileostomy last June. 

In addition to all of our concerns about Leaf's post-op adjustment to her ostomy, both physically and psychologically, it soon became apparent that the apparatus of the leading brand we were given at the hospital left much to be desired. 

Words cannot express how I felt when my beautiful daughter said, after trying to cope with this for the first few times at home, 'I do not want to go on living like this'. 

My wife started looking for alternatives and found the EZ Clean System in the Phoenix magazine the ostomy nurse had given us. 

My first positive impression of Ken Schena came during an hour-long, late-night phone conversation while Ken talked me through a modification to the existing system to get Leaf through the night without leaking. 

It soon became clear that Ken's concern for his clients comes from perspective of a fellow user of these products, not simply as a businessman and inventor. 

After receiving Ken Schen's system and using it a few times, our girl's mood shifted from dark to light!

The EZ Clean nozzle is great at home, and easy to take on the road. What a relief. Please accept our gratitude and warm regards

Reeve & Tracy 

When I was asked to give the Schena EZ Clean system a trial run, I was skeptical. I knew the colostomates had found it to be wonderful innovation. But, I have been an ileostomate for 11 years, and have become accustomed to having a completed clean pouch only when I change it! 

I am a skeptic no longer. While the pouch still continually fills, when I emptyand clean it, I do feel better! I know it is clean at least once every few hours. It has given me a new lease on life and improved my self image. 

The EZ Clean lives up to its name, it is easy, takes a few moments to use, and gives you a refreshed feeling. I can, without reservation, recommend it to ileostomates. 


This is just a short note that I've been meaning to write for so long and always too busy to shit for long. 

I never thought I would get used to this surgery but you changed my life to be able to. For sending you to me, gems like you do all the giving. 

I love you for being so special to me. 



This letter is long-overdue. I always think about writing to you when I return home after a day of teaching, and especially after an overnight trip. And yet, interruptions have kept me from writing over the past twoyears. I have just returned home after being away for 5-days. One of the first things that I do when I get
home from work or after a trip, is head for the bathroom - either one, because they both have an EZClean Pouch Cleansing system (I actually have a third system at my home in Virginia.) The sense of relief that I feel when I am able to quickly and thoroughly empty and cleanse my EZ-Clean Pouch after using your cleansing system can only be understood by other users of your products. My stoma is situated in such a way that waste fills all the way to the top of my bag, above my stoma. When I am teaching or traveling, I empty my bag from the bottom, filling it with water from a water bottle and then dumping the waste into a toilet. This means that I must always carry a larger purse to hold an empty water bottle, I usually have to fill the bottle more than once to empty my bag, and never am I able to get rid of the waste that sits in the top of my bag. I fixate on that fact when I am away from your pouch cleansing system…the waste that remains. After I cleanse my bag upon returning home, I actually let out a sigh of relief. Your products have made dealing with a permanent ileostomy tolerable.

I learned two-years ago that you are more than an inventor and marketer. I was lucky enough to meet with you a month prior to my surgery. We met after I attended an Ostomy support meeting. I realized that I needed to prepare for life with an ileostomy prior to my surgery. A good decision on my part because neither my doctor nor the hospital inquired if I had supplies ready to use upon my release from the hospital. I was sent home with a few bags, and actually had a breach within 12-hours of being home. I have turned to you more times than I can count. I have interrupted your family life and spent many hours in your office or on the phone with you. You were there when I called you late at night because of a skin or application issue. You have custom cut bags for me to accommodate loops after a subsequent surgery. You provided me with diet information, and recommended competitors’ products when they solved a specific need that I had. I have called you for assistance often because I was not able to get the same level of support from my surgeon or his staff. This is partially due to the limitation of business hours, but mostly because you have experienced the same issues that I have encountered. You are a problem solver. You are always one step ahead. You have developed products that help me to live a normal life (almost!,) but just as important is the level of customer support that you offer to your clients. I do not think I could have gotten through the past two-years without your guidance. Your products speak for themselves. Some people name their stomas. I won’t because I hate the idea of needing a stoma; however your support and guidance have made a negative situation tolerable. I consider you a friend and someone I will always be grateful to because of the support you have given to me.

Fondest Regards, Christie