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Two Easy Ways to Clean Your Flow-Thru Pouch

OFFER: Free squeeze bottle with your first order!


Flow-Thru Pouch

Our Flow-Thru Pouch is a once-piece hydrocolloid pouch with an opening at the top and bottom for quick and easy cleaning. Wash away lingering odors and help reduce skin irritation in a matter of minutes with our exclusive design.

Power Sprayer

The power sprayer is designed to be used with your Flow-Thru Pouch. It quickly and easily attaches to your toilet. Try it today and see for yourself how this revolutionary product is changing the lives of ostomates everywhere.


Squeeze Bottle

Not at home? No problem! With our easy to clean Flow-Thru Pouch, you can use a squeeze bottle to clean the pouch anywhere, which allows you to regain your freedom. We are so confident you will love our product that we are giving away a free squeeze bottle with your first order. Start living an easier and cleaner life today!

It’s true that when you undergo a medical procedure that requires a colostomy, certain aspects of your life will change. For many people, there’s a lingering worry about never being able to get back to normal, never being able to have an active and positive lifestyle.

If it becomes medically necessary for you to use an ostomy pouch, then you shouldn’t have to sacrifice a fulfilling life or your sense of freedom. The Flow-Thru Pouch can help you get your freedom back. This revolutionary product was created with comfort and convenience in mind. The flat profile means it won’t noticeably protrude from your clothes. It’s created to securely fit all seals, so the days spent worrying about leaks or a pouch sliding off are over. Perhaps best of all is our technology, which allows you to thoroughly clean out waste within minutes anywhere.

You shouldn’t have to live with embarrassment or stress. The Flow-Thru Pouch makes for secure application and simple cleaning. If you have questions, concerns, or you’re ready to take the first step, then contact us online or by phone today and see how we can help!