The worst part of a big life change is the uncertainty that it brings. The constant worrying about different scenarios and what might happen can feel overwhelming. If you have recently undergone a medical procedure, which requires you to use an ostomy bag, then we can help.

At JP MedSupply, we understand that this type of change might cause you to feel as though you’ve lost your sense of normalcy. We have worked to create an ostomy pouch that helps to give back your freedom and confidence. The Flo-Thru pouch was designed to address legitimate concerns that many ostomates have including, the pouch sliding off at an inopportune moment, the cleaning process being difficult, and general concerns about the pouch being both time-consuming and unsanitary. We were motivated to create an ostomy pouch that was easy to thoroughly clean in less than two minutes. We wanted to provide accessories that would allow you to work out, go to dinner, be intimate, and do everything that makes life worth living without feeling limited.

You will not have to worry about lingering odors due to waste, skin irritations, or dealing with stress when you use our uniquely-designed pouch. The Flo-Thru is an intelligent solution created to help you live your life freely. For more information or other questions, please contact us online or by phone today.